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HABA Squa Powder Wash 80g X3

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Product details

product details

HABA Squa Powder Wash

A refreshing cleanser for normal to oily, acne prone skin. Contains ingredients, such as Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, to soften skin and improve blood circulation.

Amino acid washing powder melts into water to create ultra-fine lather. Enzyme gets rid of dirt, dead cells and protein remnants left deep in pores thoroughly, which is suitable for acne-prone skin, while keeping essential moisture on skin.

Point 1:Apply a proper amount of powder on hand, foam instantly mix up.
Point 2:Gently massage foam (not your hand!) onto face using circular motion. 

Having mild acidity, similar to skin pH is gentle to all skin types. Foam is easily rinsed off and will not leave the skin feeling dry or tight.

Contains effective ingredients to condition and calm the skin for a clean and refreshed feeling after washing.