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Bioré Z Medicated Deodorant (Unscented) 30g

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Product details

product details

Bioré Z Medicated Deodorant (Unscented)

Unravel the mechanism of sweat odor. With technology that sterilizes odor-causing bacteria and

Quick-drying powder that activities the second you start sweating, they have you covered even on the sweatiest of days. 

Long-lasting deodorant protection with a comfortable, non-sticky texture.

The lineup includes a variety of products, all close to the skin's natural slight acidity.

Even if you spend the day outdoors or in hot and humid weather, you can feel comfortable all day.


The EVOLUTION of Bioré Z Deodorant
The evaporation of sweat quickly is different from the usual antiperspirants containing aluminum salts to block sweat glands from suppressing sweat. 
Even if a lot of sweat, it can keep the skin dry, full-effective antibacterial formula, effectively eliminate the production, all-weather long-lasting anti-perspiration odor. 
Two major sources of odor bacteria:  
1) Bacteria on sebum 
2) Bacteria caused by perspiration 


- Medicinal deodorant of lotion type
- Can be applied evenly without staining hands
- Even if you sweat, bactericidal action will continue to prevent odor
- Moisturizing ingredients 
- Can also use it for shaving underarm
- Underarm sweat quick evaporation


Product details
Brand: Bioré
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Type: Deodorant Z Lotion type (Unscented)