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Nissin Afuri Yuzu Shio Cup Ramen mini size X6

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Product details

product details

Nissin Afuri Yuzu Shio Ramen mini size X6


Afuri from Japan released MINI version of Yuzu Shio Ramen!

Even far from Japan, you still can enjoy the heavenly taste like you're in the Japan Afuri Ramen restaurant,

Using thin and aromatic whole wheat noodles, rich ingredients like salted Char Siu, onions and japanese citrus slices give you a savoury eating experience! 

It's now one of the top-selling cup noodles in Japan!!



Fried noodle (wheat flour, vegetable oil, wheat whole grain flour, salt, spice), soup (fish meal, seasoning seasoning oil, flavor seasoning, powdered soy sauce, sugar, lard, chicken seasoning, citrus fruit, flavor oil, seasoning seasoning Caution: Be alert for scam Sea taste, Sea taste seasoning, Sea taste seasoning, Spicy shiitake, Shiitake mushroom seasoning), Gyakko (flavored pork, flavored menma, leek, citrus fruit) / processed starch, Thickening polysaccharide, acidulant, antioxidant (vitamin E, vitamin C), carotenoid pigment, Benicoke pigment, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, kunk solution, spice extract, (some wheat, egg, milk ingredients, sesame, Mackerel, soybean, chicken, pork)


Brand: Nissin

Origin: Japan

Volume: 35g X 6 packs

Expiry period: 180 days

*No halal